On every project, Tor Architectural Services strive to provide the most comprehensive and professional service. Before we start, it is vital that we ensure we fully understand the land in its existing state. This gives us the opportunity to decide on the most appropriate plan structure, give accurate lead times and guarantee you receive the results expected. For this, we undertake a measured building survey of every location, using the latest machinery and equipment to ensure accuracy. Both the client and our team will gain a clearer understanding of the existing floor plan, elevations, cross-sections and topographical site layouts, giving us the knowledge needed to proceed effectively.

Each measured building survey is a highly accurate form of assessing any construction project. They can be used to verify and record the need for additional work, identify any variations from original plans and calculate the usable area within a building. We use a range of different equipment including 3-dimensional laser scanners to deliver the most accurate survey results every single time. In addition, we are able to reproduce our findings in a variety of formats to allow you to monitor raw data as required. Our flexibility also allows us to work alongside other contractors to ensure the progress of your business runs smoothly at all times.

These detailed surveys are vital to the way we work here at Tor Architectural Services. They provide extensive information, allowing us to deliver on every project with professionalism, punctuality and the same unrivalled passion. With our practice based in Somerset and the South West, we work closely with all our local clients, providing a truly personalised service. If you are in the local area and are interested in our measured building survey service, get in touch today.