Any large scale project will require some form of planning permission application prior to commencement. Here at Tor Architectural Services, we have a wealth of experience in submitting and gaining approval on these permissions. This provides us with the insight needed to help support your needs, creating a building or advising on a construction project that fits all legal requirements. At our initial consultation, we will discuss with you the potential hurdles your original plans may encounter. Alternatively, once we fully understand your goals with any project, our expert team will work to create a plan that ensures approval from the very start.

Obtaining the right planning permissions is a key requirement for near on every construction project. And understanding the complex requirements is something that should fall under the contractors you entrust with your project. That’s where the team here at Tor Architectural Services can help. We have the experience paired with a professional drive towards customer service that allows many a client to put their trust in us every single day.

Our Planning Permission services works from the very beginning, drawing up accurate and detailed plans for your construction project. From here, we support you throughout the application process. We’ll be there to answer any questions you may have and advise, should issues arrive. And finally, once approval has been granted, our team will help you to successfully execute your plans to create the finished article perfectly.

We are based in the Somerset area with links to all of the South West of England. Our practise works with local businesses and clients, helping this area of the country grow and develop accordingly. If you are considering a large or small-scale project and require the assistance of a professional architecture team, get in touch with us here today.